Designing an Ocean Habitat

A WebQuest for Grades 1-4 

Designed by

Gail Venezio and Krissy Neddo


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   There is only one ocean.  The oceans of the world are connected.  The four oceans of the world are: 
the Arctic, the Indian, the Pacific, and the Atlantic.  The oceans cover almost 3/4 of the Earth.  Living in the ocean are many animals.  You will investigate one of these animals and where it lives. 

The Task 
Ready, set, dive!!   We are building an aquarium of ocean animals for our town.  We will create a virtual ocean on the Web.  You will investigate what your animal looks like, where your animal lives, what it eats, and who eats it!   What will your animal need to live and be happy? 

The Process
1. Click here to watch a video on sea life.

2.  Choose an ocean animal with Mrs. Venezio.

3.  Get a Data Collection Sheet from Mrs. Venezio.

4.  Find information to answer the questions about your animal.  Click here to find your animal.  Then click on its name.  Print out the information about your animal.

5.  Scientists return to your class to fill in your data collection sheet.  Be sure to answer all questions. 

6.  Get an Data Evaluation Sheet from Mrs. Venezio.

 7. Go to the computer lab.  At your workstation click on the first icon below.  Listen for directions.  When you are done, print out your certificate.  Remember, your username is ocean and your password is habitat.

6.  Click here to watch a movie about the ocean food chain.  Look carefully at the detail in the picture.  You will have to draw a picture like this later.

7.  Using the computer (Kid Pix) draw a picture of your animal in its habitat: 

  • Draw the depth it lives at using a shade of blue.
  • Draw the animal properties: size, color, shape, and texture
  • Draw other plant and animal life around it
  • Draw its food
  • Draw its predators

8.  Back to the computer lab we go!  Click on the icon below to learn how to make text boxes.  Remember, your username is ocean and your password is habitat.

8.  Using your drawing, make textboxes for a slideshow that tells with words:
    • What it eats
    • Who eats it
    • How it catches and eats it's food
    • What sound it make

    9.  Get an evaluation sheet from your teacher.  Check off the responsibilities you have completed successfully.


Ask the Jake the Sea Dog

Crunch, Nibble, Gulp, Bite Game 


Student Evaluation Forms

 Multimedia Presentation         Data Collection Sheet 

Create a Rubric Here for your activity


Congratulations!  By using this Ocean Habitat Webquest you have learned more about many ocean animals.  Now you can share what you have learned about the ocean food chain with others.  Let's share our slideshow with parents and friends.


Click here to access a some project resources.

Last updated August  2001
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