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Our Trip To the Smithsonian Research Center

Chesapeake Bay

Blue Crab Treasure Hunt

An Oyster Bar Community

Internet Activities Project Information These four web enhanced lessons have been designed to compliment their development of  a Project View electronic field trip  called "Where the River Meet's the Sea". Each is designed to introduce students to various aspects of the Chesapeake Bay before they participate in the  electronic field trip. 
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Project Information
Project Information
Animals Internet Activity Project Information This Treasure Hunt was designed to give an introduction to animals.  It provides students with questions and websites to find the answers.  The information provided relates to the NYS ESPET science test.  The information given in the Treasure Hunt gives students a deeper understanding of animal adaptations, behaviors, migration, and life cycles.
Animal Research Internet Activity Project Information This animal research project page is a resource provided to students and teachers to create an animal research report.  Students will be required to collect information onto a note page.  When all notes are compiled using the Internet resources, students will then write a report about their specific animal.  Afterwards, a power point presentation will be completed in the science lab and posted on the Internet.  An at-home activity accompanies this project.  As a result of this project, students will be well prepared for the NYS ESPET exam, which will be given in May of Fourth Grade.
Ocean Habitat Internet 

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This Web quest activity looks at the animals that live in the ocean, and the task is to design an ocean habitat.  Watch a video on sea life and create a virtual ocean on the Web.  You will investigate what your animal looks like, where your animal lives, what it eats, and who eats it!   What will your animal need to live and be happy? 
Plant Growth Internet Activity Project Information This treasure hunt is designed as a review for the STC Plant Growth science unit in 3rd grade . Since it is designed for young children, it is fairly easy to use.  It will be an introduction to using the web.  The children do not need to do much searching.  If they follow the directions, they will be directly guided to the answers.  Each child will work on this treasure hunt individually.
Simple Machines Internet 
Project Information This project gives descriptions and examples of the six simple machines.  This is an introductory lesson into simple machines. This project provides animated examples and poses problems to be solved by the students. 
NY 4th Grade ESPET Review Internet Activity Project Information This project will provide the learner with practice with science manipulative for the New York Science ESPET Test.
What makes the Oceans Unique? Internet Activity Project Information

This project will demonstrate to the student the many ways the ocean is unique.  The purpose is to utilize technology and become familiar with the various features of the ocean and synthesize their findings. This project may be used as either as a group or self guided lesson.

Spider Webs Internet Activity Project Information This project is designed to acquaint second and third grade students with spider webs.  Students will use selected Internet sites to answer questions about the construction, variety, and use of the webs.  Upon completion of this activity the students will acquire a better understanding and appreciation of spider webs.
A Week in the Everglades Internet Activity Project Information  This is an interdisciplinary project based on the Everglades National Parks. 
Moon Project PowerPoint Project Information This presentation could be used for learning in the lower grades and for review at the Middle School level. A choice of projects is available: a written report, an oral report, a model, poster or diorama.
Australian Animals Internet Activity Project Information The students will learn facts about Australian animals to gain an understanding of how different geographic regions support different species.
Sea Life PowerPoint Project Information This project introduces students to creatures of the sea. Students will view the presentation, participate in classroom discussion, and engage in both hands-on and written supplemental activities.
Learning About Sound PowerPoint Project Information This project was designed to introduce the topic of sound – how it is measured, how it travels and how sounds are different.  Hands on activities include making a bottle piano, a box guitar, and telephone.  A water bottle xylophone is here and is a great online activity.
Be a Bird Brain PowerPoint Project Information 

Based on the knowledge acquired by viewing this project and viewing the art work of birds by various artists, students will create their own bird using a variety of materials.

Whales PowerPoint Project Information This PowerPoint lesson is on the various types of whales and their history, habitats, and future.
The Living Environment PowerPoint Project Information This project is about plant life cycles.  It demonstrates how seeds travel, the process of photosynthesis, the parts of a plant, and the parts of a seed.  The appropriate grade levels for the project are K-5.
Tornadoes and Hurricanes PowerPoint Project Information This menu driven, interactive, PowerPoint presentation provides statistics about the characteristics of both tornadoes and hurricanes. Includes a section a questions and answers as review.
When the Tide Comes In Internet Activity Project Information This Treasure Hunt about tides examines the causes of ocean tides and the different types of tides that occur.  The hunt is meant to be a fun way for students to learn more about this topic than is normally covered in their science class
Animals of the Rainforest Internet Activity Project Information This Treasure Hunt will introduce students to some of the animals of the rainforest.
Hudson River PowerPoint Project Information This presentation will inform the students of native plants and animals that inhabit the Hudson River area.  It also will provide a brief summary of the Hudson’s history to date.
Wood Road Wolf PowerPoint Project Information This project  includes some history and information about the life of a wolf from a pup to an adult.  Activities include writing, reading comprehension, analyzing maps and graphs, and fun and games. 
All About Animals  PowerPoint Project Information Students create various projects such as songs, writings, visual aids to include in a report about a chosen animal.
Ecosystems of South America PowerPoint Project Information As a result of viewing this project students will create their own animal based on the research they do. 
Whales? Internet 
Project Information Introduce your students to the Whale by exploring it's habitat, body parts and behaviors. 
Weather Fact or Fiction? Internet 
Project Information Forecasting, data collection, weather instruments and even folklores are included in this activity about Weather. 
The Globe Program PowerPoint Project Information  Learn about the various types of clouds. Includes simple facts and photography. 

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