Grade 6-8

Project Title Type of Project Project Information Link
Includes NYS Standards
Description of Project
Number Sense and Operations Vocabulary Review Softchalk Lesson Builder Interactive Activity Project Information This lesson is designed to reinforce words and concepts of the 8th grade math curriculum.  The activities provide opportunities for students to rate their knowledge of the terms given, define the ones they donít know, and complete an online review of concepts by completing interactive activities for most of the terms.  There is also an opportunity to play interactive vocabulary games as well as complete an online assessment of what the students learned.
Patterns PowerPoint Project Information This Power Point Presentation integrates everything from Geometry and Meteorology to Science, Music and Art, and how patterns affect everything from the language that we speak to the organization of the universe.  It includes an essay writing assignment and a variety of Math and Internet activities. 
Rock N' Roll Metric Review Internet Activity Project Information Rock ní Roll Metric Review is a project that consists of a general overview of the metric system. Students will learn a brief history of the metric system and the use of the metric system in the United States. In addition students will complete a variety of activities that review the metric system, conversion of metric units and practice measuring using the metric system. Students will independently complete the questions on the answer sheet provided using links to the Internet. They will also complete the games and activities linked to the treasure hunt also on the Internet.
Building Blocks of Math Internet Activity Project Information This treasure hunt is devised to provide both math review and enrichment.  Math in everyday life will be explored.  It will be used as a supplement to the current curriculum.
Running the Iditarod with Integers Internet Activity Project Information This project introduces children to integers in a real-life setting that uses a story of a young teenager preparing for The Iditarod.  This project provides the story, activities, treasure hunt to learn integer operations, worksheets to reinforce learning and puzzle pages.
Graphing Linear Equations Internet Activity Project Information This project will serve as a tutorial that will guide the student through graphing linear equations using tables, intercepts, and the slope-intercept method.
Primary Fractions Internet Project Information This project is designed to teach primary students about fractions and fractional parts.  It will introduce the concept of a whole, parts of the whole, halves, thirds, and fourths.
Probability Internet Activity Project Information This is a treasure hunt on the basics of probability.  This will serve as an introductory lesson as well as a review. This will be used in combination with Math and Technology.  The students will work in pairs, or a group of 3 if necessary.  They will alternate finding questions, and discuss the questions as they are answered.
Geometry in Our World PowerPoint Project Information This is a Power Point Presentation introducing geometry and where shapes are seen in everyday objects and famous sites.  Tanagram and geoboard activities are included and interactive shape finding activities. 
Probability PowerPoint Project Information This is a Power Point Presentation designed for middle school students.  This project is set up to introduce, review and explore probability.  We will discuss real-life applications as well as conduct an experiment to see the differences between experimental and theoretical probability
Math Survival Treasure Hunt Project Information This scavenger hunt  is designed to teach give middle school students access to math sites on the Internet when they are stuck on a specific math problem, when they donít understand a math concept or skill, or when they need drill in arithmetic facts.
Shape Our World PowerPoint Project Information  An interdisciplinary project analyzing shapes in everyday situations. Students create various projects in Art, Math, Science and Technology.
Math Around the World PowerPoint Project Information  This presentation will take students in grades k-8 on a journey through many different countries to learn about their history and unit of measurements.  The children will complete projects and solve problems related to individual countries.
Discovery Express PowerPoint Project Information Projects involving research and writing focus on the topic of  conservation and the environment. 
Solving Systems of Equations PowerPoint Project Information  A lesson including the steps of solving algebraic equations. 
Math/History Treasure Hunt Internet Activity Project Information This project allows students to learn how mathematics was discovered in different civilizations throughout time.
Math is All Around You PowerPoint Project Information Introduce measurement and estimation in a fun way which has students plan a party, write an invitation, submit a budget and includes some great links to Math sites on the Internet.
Graphing PowerPoint Project Information This is a tutorial on how to create a graph from scratch.  It can be used in grades 3-8.
The Reading Process PowerPoint Project Information Learn or review the reading process. Also, see how this process can help with solving Math problems. 

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