An Internet-Based Treasure Hunt

Created by Mrs. Ali

Gowana Middle School - Shenendehowa School District

This activity will require you to travel through different sites in the internet in order to find the answers to the questions on a worksheet.  You will be learning about waves in relation to sound and light.  As you enter each site you may either write or type your answers on the worksheet.  Before you start either print or open and save the worksheet under your name.  When you are finished return your completed worksheet to the teacher.  Click on the link for the worksheet.


Site #1:

Answer questions 1 and 2 from worksheet


Site #2:

Answer questions 3, 4 and 5 from worksheet


Site #3:

Activity:  Experiment with the wave by clicking above the picture to increase or decrease the wavelength, amplitude and frequency. 

Answer question 6 from worksheet

Site #4:

Scroll down to the short definitions section 

Answer questions 7  and 8 from worksheet


Site #5:

 Answer question 9 from worksheet


Site #6:

Answer question 10 and 11 from worksheet


Site #7:

Activity: Play the piano and experiment with the different sounds and their wavelengths


Site #8:

Answer question 12 from worksheet


Site #9:

Watch this animation of an example of the Doppler effect


Site #10:

Answer question 13 from worksheet


Site #11:

Answer question 14 from worksheet


Site #12:

Answer question 15 from worksheet


Site #13:

Answer questions 16, 17 and 18 from worksheet


Site #14:

Activity:  Click on the dials to experiment what happens with different variables

Answer question 19 from worksheet


Site #15:

This is a virtual tour of optical illusions:  Please try as many different kinds of illusions as time allows.

Answer question 18 from worksheet