Water Cycle Treasure Hunt



Directions: This is an internet treasure hunt dealing with the water cycle. Please use the given websites to find your answers.

Click on the Answer Sheet Link to print and record your answers.   Answer Sheet


1-5. http://www.kidzone.ws/water/


1.      What are the three major processes involved in the water cycle? 

2.      Describe evaporation.

3.      Describe condensation.

4.      What is precipitation?

5.      Name 4 types of precipitation.


6. http://kids.earth.nasa.gov/droplet.html             

     Precipitation occurs when?


7.   http://www-k12.atmos.washington.edu/k12/pilot/water_cycle/where_the_water_goes.html

Choose two of the following locations. Describe what happens to precipitation after it lands on the chosen location. Include a sketch or drawing with your description.


8. http://www.brainpop.com/science/ecology/watercycle/index.weml   

Click on the water droplet and watch the video clip .Is there water in the air? 


9. http://www.kimballmedia.com/Drippy/DrippysWorldTrialStories/ToMountainsAndBack/Entry.htm

   Write about Drippy’s adventure and how it relates to the water cycle.


10. http://mbgnet.mobot.org/fresh/



Draw a diagram that shows where it goes and how it gets there, use the following web pages.