Introduction to Character Traits

A treasure hunt created to introduce students to character traits

Developed by
Sonya Summersell, Grade 6 English Teacher
Ballston Spa Middle School

Essential Question: 
How do character traits influence one's relationships and/or actions?


Directions:  Answer each of the following questions, using the links where possible, keeping in mind the essential question.  Also, if a link includes a chart or discussion questions, be sure to complete that work too.


1.  In the following space write a few ideas of what  you think character traits are:


2.  Look up the definitions for the words "character" and "trait".  Put the meanings together.  What do you think the definitions mean?

3.  In your own words what do you think the word citizenship  means?


4.  What is courage?


5.  In your own words, what does the word diligence mean?


6.  What is fairness?

7.  What do you think the word honesty means?


8.  Look up the word integrity.  What does it mean?  Is it different from the word honesty?


9.  What is kindness?


10.  Look up the word loyalty.  What does it mean?  


11.  What  does it mean to be respectful?


12.  What are qualities of a responsible person?

13.  What does it mean to have trustworthiness as a character trait?


14. Look at a list of character traits.   Choose the three traits that you think are most important for a person to have, and write them in the space provided.


15.  Why do you think your chosen traits are so important?


16. Choose two traits from the list that you think you possess.  Write those two traits in the space provided and give examples from your own life that help prove the trait you chose is accurate.  

17.  Which trait from the list would you like to have more of?


Read a passage about George Washington Carver and answer the following questions. Be sure to think about which character traits he possesses as you read.

18.  Which two character traits do you think George Washington Carver demonstrated the most?

19.  How did these traits help him and/or others?

20.  Based on what you've learned how do you think character traits influence one's relationships and actions?


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