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What is an adaptation?

Give examples of animal adaptations.

What five basic needs to animals have?



Where do frogs live?

Why do frogs have webbed feet?

How do frogs catch insects?

How does the frog protect itself from an enemy?

Why do male frogs sing?

Draw the lifecycle of a frog

Just for fun


What are some snail adaptations?

How do snails eat?

How do snails move?

What does a snail do during the winter?


Label the parts of a snail



Where do fiddler crabs live?

What gender crab has a large claw?  What is the purpose of the large claw?

How do fiddler crabs communicate?

What do fiddler crabs eat?

What is molting?

How many stages do fiddler crabs molt through?


Draw and label the differences between a male and female fiddler crab



How can you tell a male from a female butterfly?

What do monarch butterflies eat?

How are monarch butterflies protected from predators?

Where do monarch butterflies live?

What is their migration pattern?


Label the parts of a butterfly

Label the lifecycle of a butterfly


Polar Bears

Where do polar bears live?

What do polar bears eat?

What is the name of a female polar bear?

What is the name of a male polar bear?

How do polar bears communicate?



Where are ducks found?

Why can't ducks feel icy cold water when it swims?

What adaptation do ducks feathers have to keep them dry?

Where are ducks found?

What factors affect reproduction of eggs?  How can farmers help with this process?

How do you identify whether its a male or female duck?

How are ducks important to humans?





Learn more about the mallard duck


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