About "Undroppable"
Our "Undroppable" videos feature present and former
Schenectady High School students who have overcome challenges and obstacles in order to get back on track, stay on track and graduate from high school. This is one of what will be many undroppable videos, all taped at Schenectady High School by school staff, and all intended to be explicit, raw and very real.  Undroppable is the human face behind education.  Through the messages delivered by these brave individuals, it is clear that with motivation, determination and a supportive school community, every student can overcome personal struggles and do what at one point seemed impossible - - graduate from high school, sometimes even with honors.  These inspiring stories not only give young people a voice, but they serve as role-models and inspiration to others.  We, as a school district, a community and  state must recognize the challenges that many of our students face, and without reservation or judgment, see the potential in each.   We must support education for all of our children at all costs.  Every single one of our students is undroppable.

Learn more about the national campaign at www.undroppable.com

Schenectady students are undroppable.

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 * Meet Josh Lake

 * Iquann Cornish


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