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Woodlawn 6th Grader Wins District Spelling Bee
Three Elementary School Students Advance to Regional Competition

Janiya Harris, a sixth grader at Woodlawn Elementary School, out-spelled 41 other students in Schenectady City Schools' district-wide spelling bee held on Friday, January 9 at Mont Pleasant Middle School. 

Harris along with second and third place finishers Kevin Valentin, a fourth grader at Van Corlaer and Kevin Mohan a fifth grader at King Magnet, will advance to the regional spelling bee at Proctors Theatre on March 15 at  5 pm.

The bee, witnessed by parents and teachers, went seven rounds.  After Valentin misspelled the word flaunt in the round, Harris had to correctly spell it and another word to win.  She correctly spelled flaunt and then secured the championship by dishing out the correct spelling of the word hibernate.

Harris made it through all seven rounds by correctly spelling the words help, squiggle, mathematics, mechanical, carbohydrates, exercise, flaunt and the bee winning word,  hibernate.

Each elementary school held a school-wide competition over the last weeks.  The winners of the school competitions advanced to the Friday morning bee.

Harris, Valentin, Mohan and the middle school winners will compete in the regional competition.

Congratulations to all the Elementary School Winners.

Academy of Culture and Communication at Pleasant Valley
Genausha Moses, Moses Oscar, Nurupa Ramkissoon

Blodgett Elementary School
Honora Harris, Alexis Coleman, Savannah Meyre

Elmer Avenue Elementary School
Johnny O'Donnell, Simran Ramjattan, Sobhram Sarabdial

Hamilton Elementary School
Thanesha Chaitram, Nissah Grennon, Kyle Forster

Howe Magnet School
Sam Veglia, Anthony Gustas, Joshua Ayers

Keane Elementary School
Devon Jones, Anthony Horton, Marvin Terrell

King Magnet School
Kevin Mohan, Maisha Haynes, Iris Gonzalez

Lincoln Elementary School
Prince Ramnarine, Ashley Tahal, Tiyana Epperson

Paige Elementary School
Cierra Longton, Colin Kennedy, Cy'Anne Frazier

Roosevelt Elementary School
Saudia Busgith, Dailyne Reyes, Kendrick Bryant

Van Corlaer Elementary Schol
Kenneth Valentin, Navin Singh, Elijah Eagan

Woodlawn Elementary School
Janiya Harris, Salma Barak, Amara Richards

Yates Magnet School
Julian Van Court Wells, Keegan Julius, Aniya Hooper

Zoller Elementary School
Ashley Stewart, Austin Rodriguez, Xaviera Rogers