Grades Pre-K through 3

Dear Pre-K through 3 Teachers,

For our Pre-K through 3 teachers, the generic lesson is for all students for the first four days – it is not content specific.  We are asking that the classroom teacher launch the first four days in their SeeSaw classroom.  While these teachers are running SeeSaw Classrooms for all of their PK-3 students, we are asking you (not the classroom teacher) to begin building your SeeSaw Classroom by utilizing the following link: 

You can reach out to your content coordinator for support. 

Your content specific (e.g., Phys Ed, Music, Art, etc.) SeeSaw Classroom is expected to be launched on Day 5.

Should you have questions, please submit your requests to Let’s Talk Here.

We know that this is only the beginning of support.  We wanted to get this information out to you as soon as possible so that you can get started.  Expect to hear more from the Office of Curriculum and Instruction in the next few days regarding Google Classroom.  We will share with you the “canned lessons” shortly.

Student Lessons and Resources