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Schenectady City School District

Earth Day

Earth Day is April 22, but the way to find the true meaning of the day is to capture its spirit and make it part of your life, long after you've turned April's page on the calendar.

Here are some ideas you can do at home or in school. Just go to


Future Chefs Healthy Snack Competition


Mind and Body

Investigating the Health and Science
of Meditation:

Overview | What is meditation? How have scientists explored the effects of meditation on the mind and body? In this lesson, students participate in a guided meditation, then learn about meditation and current research showing how meditation affects the brain and body. They then annotate diagrams of the brain and body with the information they’ve learned about meditation’s effects.  For more http://learning.blogs.nytimes.com/2011


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Namaste. Now Nap Time.

Yoga classes for kids are taking off, as advocates say it's especially helpful for those with focusing problems...


Wellness Calendar

April 11-17
National Environmental
Education Week

April 11-17
National Library Week
American Library Association

April 22
Earth Day
Earth Day Network

April 22
Take Your Daughters and Sons
to Work Day

National Counseling
Awareness Month
American Counseling Association


Stress Awareness Month
American Counseling Association


National Youth Sports Safety Month
National Youth Sports Safety Foundation, Inc.


Let's Move in School
is the theme of the 2011 National Physical Education and Sport Week, May 1-7.

Each year NASPE develops activities for teachers and their students to do during National Physical Education and Sport Week, May 1-7.  Physical Educators and staff encourage all K-12 physical education teachers to take advantage of these wonderful resources to showcase the quality sport and physical education programs in your school and community.  

The goal of Let's Move in School is to ensure that every school provides a comprehensive school physical activity program with quality physical education as the foundation so that youth will develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be physically active for a lifetime.

Let's Move in School is urging physical educators, parents, school administrators and policymakers to get involved in bringing quality physical education and physical activity to schools through a comprehensive school physical activity programYour school can start by registering for a Let's Move in School event during National Physical Education and Sport Week on May 1-7  For more information click on this link: http://www.aahperd.org/letsmoveinschool/