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District Network Status

Last Update 10/10/2014 8:14:58 AM

10/10/2014 8:00AM: We believe the issues involving log on times and file access to be resolved. Please log on and use your computers normally. Please call us if you believe there to still be an issue.

10/6/2014: A recent update to your PolyCom phones causes a beep in addtion to the flashing lights when there is an unheard voicemail, this is not a phonecall.

10/6/2014: Some users may be experiencing an issue with network drives not showing up. Please try restarting your PC and if the issue persists please call the helpdesk.

10/6/2014: PentaReports is now working. It can be accessed by going to the ThinApps folder in your start menu. Additionally you can install it via the Software Center. Instructions for doing so can be found under Support Documentation in the TShared drive.

GUEST NETWORK: Users trying to connect to the SCS Guest network will now be prompted to enter in a password. Please contact your building administrator if you need access to the Guest network.

DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR PASSWORD: The helpdesk will never ask you to provide your password and you should not provide it to anyone, including other employees. If you receive an e-mail asking you to provide your username or password or are directed to a website that asks for your username or password, please forward a copy to the helpdesk and then delete the message. Do not click any links on the e-mail.

: If your password is given out to anyone for any reason, your account will be disabled and an administrator will have to approve re-enabling it in writing.

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Please use the Helpdesk Logon to enter helpdesk tickets.  If you are having trouble, please refer to the link below to access tutorials on using the helpdesk interface.

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