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Schenectady Celebrates
150 Years of Education


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In the Spring, the Schenectady City School District will celebrate 150 years of public education to thousands of city children.

"We've been here since the very infancy of public education in the United States," said Superintendent John Falco, noting that the public education movement began in earnest in the 1830's.

"This is such a tremendous milestone of history and tradition for Schenectady Schools and for the city itself; it is one that we want to celebrate all year long."

While the district continues to plan the citywide celebration, the schools will develop activities and host events around the 150th anniversary theme.

Each school will pay tribute by accenting the legacy, history and tradition of Schenectady Schools, which dates back to April 18, 1854.  District publications, newsletters and the district Website will offer updated information about monthly events and activities in the schools as well as details about the upcoming spring celebration.

Look for storefronts and exhibits featuring the district's history throughout the city.  Students of all ages and grades will participate and their artwork, essays and projects will be on display.  A number of productions and showcases will be presented as well as alumni activities, sporting events, concerts and art shows.

Kick-Off Celebration Sept. 3

A 150 Year Perspective
Excerpts from Dr. Falco's Address 07/03/03

Official Proclamation
Office of Mayor

from Senator Hugh T. Farley


Minutes of April 15 & May 10 1854

Commissioners of the Common Schools City of Schenectady 1854

A Look at 1951
Annual Report of the City School District

In 1951
 - -high birth rates and numerous housing project s  led to crowded classrooms, need for new facilities
- - there were 23 school buildings
- - school budget was $3,978,646
- -Prices of paper rose by 250-300%, pencils rose 50%, typewriters by more than 40%
- - New high school replaces Nott


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