Howe International Magnet School

February 2007

February News from the Recruiter's Desk



As we enter into the winter months, it is time for the district-wide lottery to start. I have received all of the student's re-enrollment forms for current student. This is the time for students who attend other schools to have an opportunity to join our magnet program. If you have already sent in the re-enrollment forms to me here at Howe, DO NOT enroll your child in the district lottery. The re-enrollment forms that you filled out are your placement for Howe next year. Please do not fill out the form that is mailed home by the district for the lottery. This form is mailed to every student in the district. You only need to fill that form out if you wish to move to a different magnet school.

If you have family members who are interested in attending the magnet school, please encourage them to fill out the application for the lottery. The forms will be mailed home on Feb. 16. The lottery itself will be held on March 27. If there are any questions about this lottery process, please call me at 881-3550.

The tally for Price Chopper Tools for Schools program is in and we earned over 35,000 points! Mrs. Coffey and I will be selecting items from the catalog soon. Please stay tuned for an update on what we were able to purchase with all of your hard earned points! Thanks to all of the families and extended families who helped earn "Tools for Schools."

Best Wishes,
Angela Tryon
Parent Liaison/Recruiter

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