Howe International Magnet School

February 2007

Mr. Borger's Class



Reading/Language Arts: This has been an extremely busy month in reading/language arts. Students prepared for and took their ELA exams earlier in the month. We are currently taking our unit test in our Scott Foresman series and have completed our second class book, Brian's Winter by Gary Paulsen. Students are currently using their class notes and assignments to create a PowerPoint presentation of outlined material for the story. Students will be graded on both the content and the appearance of their presentations.

Math: Students recently completed Unit 5, which included finding fractions with pattern blocks, making equivalent fractions with pattern blocks, making equivalent fractions, rounding decimals, fraction with pattern blocks, making equivalent fractions, rounding decimals, fraction sticks fraction addition, converting fractions, decimals, and percents, and making bar graph and circle graphs.

Science: We are nearing the end of our Measuring Time unit. Students have studied ancient time telling methods, made sun clock observations, devised an individual calendar, predicted and observed moon phases, and made the connection between the earth, moon and sun in observing moon phases.

Social Studies: Students studied for and were quizzed on regional U.S. states and were then given a fifty state test. We are currently studying the geography of Canada and Mexico. Class projects will culminate this unit.


  • Students need to keep supplies of pencils, pens, loose leaf paper and notebooks.
  • Our field trip to Five Rivers will be on Tuesday, Feb. 6

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