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Howe Early Childhood Education Center

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March 05 2013 

Guest Readers join Howe Elementary Students to Celebrate
Read Across America & Dr. Seuss

On Monday, March 4, area politicians and community members joined the students at Howe Early Childhood Education Center to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss and the annual “Read Across America” event. 

Congressman Paul Tonko, Assemblyman Phil Steck, and Lt. Col. Matt LeClair, of the 139th Airlift Squadron of the National Guard, read to the students and discussed their favorite Dr. Seuss books. 

“Listen to how carefully Dr. Seuss chose his words to make us laugh and feel nice when reading them,” Tonko explained to the Class of 2025.  “Let us remember to carefully choose our words when we talk to each other and our parents and teachers to always be pleasant and never hurtful.” 

More than 45 million U.S. students participated in this year’s event, which is the nation’s largest reading celebration.  The goal of the celebration is to encourage an interest and love for reading at an early age. 

“I chose my favorite Dr. Seuss story, Yertle the Turtle, because it helps to explain the way our government works, and teaches a lesson about greed”, Steck told one of the Kindergarten classes.

Students donned construction paper hats with the classic red and white stripe design made famous by The Cat in the Hat, and were provided breakfast of green eggs and ham made by by their teachers.

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