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February 06 2013


Congratulations                                                  About Heroes

Superintendent Spring says "thank you" to three heroes
who go above and beyond

Jocelyn Pranis of Lincoln Elementary School and Kim Enlow and Joan Feurstein both of Yates School were the recipients of the Superintendent's Hero award on Wednesday, February 6.

Jocelyn Pranis

Pedro Roman, Principal of Lincoln Elementary School, nominated teacher Jocelyn Pranis for hero recognition.

"Mrs. Pranis has devoted endless hours after school assisting in closing the achievement gap by providing students who are reading significantly below grade level with intensive structure reading support," said Roman.  "She goes above and beyond to support our students and school because of her passion for equity and helping to see that ALL students, especially students with disabilities, have the same opportunities to succeed." 

Roman also noted that Pranis believes in the importance of engaging the Lincoln families and has chaired the Parent Partnership Team (PPT) for many years.

 "Mrs. Pranis is a valued member of our team and our students are fortunate to have such a dedicated and passionate educator working with them to assist in reaching their potential," he added.

The students agreed with their principal and expressed excitement when Superintendent Spring made the surprise announcement and presentation.

The students already knew their teacher was special as they had made a poster that included handwritten notes from each stating why Mrs. Pranis is their hero.


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Joan Feurstein

Joan Feurstein, the school nurse at Yates, was nominated a hero by principal Rob Flanders.  He said his school nurse goes above and beyond the call of duty daily. 

"She helps feed families in the community, organizes fund-raising efforts, arranges transportation for families and is the key contact for all types of family need," said Flanders.  "She is a role-model in the building who cares for students and families and sets a positive, caring tone at Yates School."

Superintendent Spring thanked her for all that she does each day for the students at Yates.  "You are one of our heroes," he said.

Kim Enlow

Kim Enlow, a paraprofessional at Yates, was nominated by teacher Carrie White for all that she does "above and beyond her assigned duties on a regular basis."  According to White and Flanders, Enlow assists in classrooms, plans after school events and has a positive influence on the children every day.  "She does this all while running the time-out room," said Flanders.  "Her knowledge and understanding or student needs helps her to create a success plan for each student."

Both Feurstein and Enlow were surprised when Superintendent Spring dropped by to recognize them.  Enlow, in fact, was walking up the stairs when she found White, Flanders and Spring standing outside the classroom waiting to surprise her.

Flanders presented both Feurstein and Enlow with a bouquet of flowers and expressed how much each means to the Yates community.

The  heroes presentations are part of Superintendent Spring's call to action on the first day of school.  Spring challenged all of the teachers and school staff to make a difference in the lives of our students.   Since that day in Proctors, standing before 1,200 Schenectady educators and staff members, he has remained on a quest to find our schools' heroes and let them know how much he appreciates their work.   Learn more here:  About Heroes


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