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March 09 2010

NYSED Releases State Graduation Rates

The New York State Education Department released the 2009 graduation rates for New York State high schools today.  The Schenectady City School District four year graduation rate (2005-2009) was 57%. 

"Our district is pleased to see improving graduation rates,” said Eric Ely, superintendent of schools. “However, much work remains.”  Ely added that the high school restructuring plan to be implemented next fall will focus heavily  on helping freshmen and struggling students be more successful. 

“Our high school staff and administration are committed to seeing every child graduate in four years,” he said, noting the importance of working together, updated and aligned curricula, increased counseling, social workers and attendance-related personnel. 

The graduation rate is determined by the number of students who entered grade nine in 2005 and graduated by August 2009. 

18% of students who entered grade nine in 2005 are still enrolled in the high school.  This is significant because the data that was released today also shows that even though not all students graduate within four years, many of the students who remain enrolled in high school do graduate in five and even six years.   

For example, the graduation rate of the 2003 cohort (students who entered grade 9 in 2003) improved to 63% when considering the students who graduated in five or six years (2008 or 2009) instead of four years.  The rate of the 2004 cohort is 58% when considering those who graduated after more than four years.  

NYSED press release:  http://www.oms.nysed.gov/press/2009_Grad_Rates03092010.html 

Schenectady City School District Data:

All NY Schools: