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Family Engagement

Parents' Bill of Rights
Note to Parents:  Teacher and Principal Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) Disclosure
Obtaining Teacher or Principal Score

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We are committed to Family Engagement
"The Schenectady City School District recognizes the importance of parental engagement in the success of our students.  We are committed to strengthening the partnership between home and school.   A thriving partnership and a strong commitment from both sides, to work toward our common vision, are essential for us to take huge strides and make gains."
                                             Superintendent Larry Spring

Family Engagement is critical for student success.  Here are some ways you can engage in your child's education at home.

August 08 2013
Understanding the Test Scores Released by NYSED
and the Common Core

ELA Testing Common Core
All students in grades 3-8 will take the English Language Arts exam.  The state assessments this year are based on shifts in the Common Core standards.  Here are some resources that provide information on Common Core, answers to frequently asked questions and some sample questions and ways you can help your child prepare for the test.  

Tips for your Parent-Teacher Conference

ELA Updates, Oct. 2012

English as a Second Language

Homework Tips for Parents

Class of 2025 Parents

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