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Elmer Avenue Elementary School

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Elmer Avenue Elementary School
March 2013

Elmer Heroes Club

Elmer Avenue Elementary School has been recognizing "heroes" since the beginning of the school year. 

Principal Carmella Parente modeled the new recognition program after the one that Superintendent Larry Spring kicked off early in the school year in which he recognizes staff members who "make a difference."  [Read more about that here.]

Elmer's Hero Club recognizes students who are consistently doing the "right thing."  "Elmer staff and I wanted to make a special point in commending students who practice kindness to others on a daily basis," said Parente.  "Unfortunately, television and reality shows might make it seem like it is popular and "cool" to be hurtful and confrontational with others.  Here at Elmer, we want to show our students that we know that those who are caring, honest, and friendly to all are those who have strong character and are real leaders." 

Elmer teachers recommend to the principal a hero from each of their classes.  "I honor them with a certificate and a luncheon," said Parente.

So far the heroes have enjoyed lunch from McDonalds or pizza.  "We will try something a bit different as the lunches continue," said Parente. 

The name of each hero and their photo gets posted on the school's "Heroes of Elmer" wall, which also serves as a reminder of the school rules and qualities of an Elmer hero.

Additionally, all of the members of the heroes club and their parents and guardians will be invited to a special recognition gathering in the spring.

Pictured above:  January's Heroes