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From the Superintendent, Mr. Eric D. Ely.

During the last two years, a number of situations have occurred that have brought into question the ethical judgment of certain staff members. These incidents have involved testing situations, as well as staff members sharing private information about students.

Keeping a distance during testing
Please remember that it is critical to maintain professional separation from students in testing settings. You may hate to see students struggle through a mandated test and you may feel the urge to help them more than you should – but it is vital to your credibility and the credibility of the school district that you resist. By helping a student on an exam, you bring into question your professional ethics. It is also not fair to all of the other students.

When administering these mandated tests, please follow the proper protocols. Before the exams are given, do everything in your power to prepare students for these challenging situations.

Protecting privacy and private information
In the course of your jobs, sensitive and private information regarding students and/or their families will come into your possession. It is inevitable that a student, parent or staff member will share something with you regarding a medical condition or other personal information. This information is best kept to yourself.

If you are not sure what you should or shouldn’t share with others, speak to your building administrator. He/she will clarify for you what information you can share and who you should share it with. If you follow this process, you can protect yourself from accusations of lacking ethics or good judgment.


Pupil Personnel Services
At Wednesday evening’s school board meeting, Lynn Rafalik was confirmed by the board as director of pupil personnel services. Her assistant director will be appointed at the next board meeting. Ann Jackson, currently of Lockport Schools, is being recommended for this position.

Our current administrative structure will be changing and roles and responsibilities are being redefined to improve communication and service to our staff, our students and our families. Beginning at some point in December our administrative changeover will take place and the diagram below will help show you what it will look like. It is my hope that this change will begin to improve our ability to meet the needs of our staff and students in the areas of communication and supervision, and also help to clarify the lines of responsibility.


Community Outreach
I take great pleasure in announcing the appointment of Terrell Strickland to the position of Community Outreach Specialist. Terrell has been working at the high school as a paraprofessional for more than 13 years and has demonstrated a knack for getting to know students and their families. His outreach activities at the high school and his willingness to get out into their homes and get to know them will certainly be an asset in his new position. He replaces Neda Lopez-Gadsen who has moved to a Social Worker position in our elementary schools.