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2007 - 2008 Contract for Excellence

The 2007 - 2008 New York State budget is providing the Schenectady City School District with additional funding and opportunities to invest in an array of new resources and programs to help students achieve greater academic success.  The increased funding from the State requires a strong commitment from the school district under a "Contract for Excellence." 

Over the past several months, Schenectady School District administrators have worked with the State to develop a Contract for Excellence which specifically addresses the student needs in our district and outlines how additional resources will help students make strong academic strides. 

Please review the Schenectady City School District's Contract for Excellence.  Click on the links in the right side panel to view aspects of the contract.  Individual school allocations and 2007 - 2008 highlights can be viewed from the Budget Summary page.

If you have any comments or questions, please call 370.8100
X-107 or send an e-mail here.

Learn more about Children First and the components of the Contract for Excellence Here

Information about the accountability designations


Contract for Excellence


Contract Plan

Budget Summary


Governor Spitzer's Contract for Excellence speech