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The number of polling sites for school the school board election & budget vote has been reduced.  Please check here as your polling site may have changed.   2013  Election Sites & Maps

2013-2014 Budget

April 25 2013
School Board adopts $159 million budget
Residents head to the polls on May 21; Polling places have changed

  Online Budget Survey Results

  1. March 06:  Supt. Spring Provides Overview of Budget Process

  2. March 19:  Supt. Spring talks about revenue, the budget gap &
    concerns about state aid

  3. March 28:  Supt. Spring Outline Preliminary Budget Planning 

  4. April 11:     Jobs, student programming, a school  . . . could be lost in the $10 million budget hole  Spring shares refined plan with Board; discussions continue April 17

  5. April 17:  $158 million budget reflects deep cuts
    Superintendent Spring presented a proposal that will close the $9.3 million gap in the 2013-14 Budget.  The $158,419,984 spending plan, which is 1.53% increase over the current year budget, includes changes and reductions that spread across all areas of the district.  Read More



  Inequities in State Aid  

January 30, 2013  
Update:  Meeting with Governor's staff
Superintendent talks to Governor's staff about state aid inequities 
Conversations continue

Supt. Spring makes call-to-action
Gov. Cuomo's Budget Proposal Increases SCSD School Aid by $3m Additional aid helps bridge budget gap but not enough ..... not even close Read More  


Superintendent Spring appears on Schenectady Today January 22 to talk about the budget.  (---> 13:43)











Since Schenectady is one of the poorest school district's in the state, you
might think that we receive our fair share of state aid.  The fact is, the
opposite is true.   SCSD  receives only about half of what the law states we should be getting.  An even greater concern is that we are receiving the  lowest percentage of complete aid in the area and among the lowest in the state.  We are looking  at a budget gap of about $9 million for 2013-2014.  If we were getting our fair share of aid, we could close that gap without making  staff or program cuts, talk about what we will do to help children instead of what we will take away and give a significant amount of money back to taxpayers.  Learn more about the state of state aid and how you can make a difference.


Inequities in State Aid
Superintendent Spring's January 09 Presentation  
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Daily Gazette, January 11, 2013
Spring:  State aid racially imbalanced  School districts with many minority students are getting less of the state aid they are supposed to receive than districts with mostly white students, according to Schenectady City School District Superintendent Laurence Spring.
Read the Daily Gazette Article