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May 15 2012
2012 Budget and School Board Election Results


On May 15, 2012, Schenectady voters approved the
$156 million
budget proposal: 

yes votes   |   420 no votes

The 2012-2013 budget is $446,511 (.3%) more than the current year and is within the property tax levy limit with an impact of minus .2%.

The budget closed what began as a nearly $7 million gap and includes a long lists of cuts and cost-saving measures.

Thank you for your support!


                           1,171  yes votes   |   436  no votes

Voters (approved the proposition to renew lease agreements with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany for the Katharine Burr Blodgett and Franklin Delano Roosevelt buildings.

Board Seats

to Andy Chestnut and John Foley  who were each elected to three year terms effective July 1, 2012.

Andy Chestnut:  1,024 votes
John Foley:  940 votes
Barbara Metcalfe:  595 votes
Daniel Garrow:  400 votes

They will be sworn in on July 1, 2012.

2011-2012 Budget

Total Proposal:  $156,035,655

Impact on Tax Rate:  -.2%

The 2012-2013 budget is $446,511 (.3%) more than the current year

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Proposed Budget

NYS Required Documents


April 19 2012

Board of Education adopts 2012-2013 budget

Budget closes $7 million gap, preserves full range of instructional programs & is within tax levy limit

The Schenectady City School District Board of Education unanimously approved a $156,035,655 spending plan for the 2012-2013 school year at the Board of Education meeting held Wednesday, April 18.  The proposed budget is $446,511 (.3%) more than the current year and  is within the property tax levy limit with an impact of minus .2%. 

A budget hearing will be held May 2 at 7 p.m. in the Schenectady High School Black Box Theatre.  Schenectady residents will head to the polls to vote on the spending plan on May 15.

The proposed budget closes what began as a nearly $7 million gap.  It includes a long list of cuts and cost-saving measures.  The plan includes a reduction of 48 positions overall.

"It was clear that we could no longer afford to continue our current school and district operations as they are today," said Superintendent John Yagielski.  "It would be impossible to avoid changes.  The real challenge we faced was to identify and select changes that would allow us to continue the range of instructional programs and services so critical to the success of our students."

Each of the board of education members acknowledged that the budget "isn't perfect," but in light of the lack of revenues, including state aid, and the beginning gap of $7 million, they expressed gratitude for the creativity and work done to balance the budget and supported the proposal. 

Over the last few months, Yagielski addressed the difficult challenge of balancing the budget by:

1. Identifying alternative, less costly ways of operation

2.  Reviewing multi-year plans for the use of fund balance including reserve accounts

3.  Identifying positions and items within the expenditure budget that the district will simply have to do without.

2012-2013 Budget

Projected Revenues

 Preliminary Budget


Alternative Ways of Operating

Review of Multi-Year Plans

Remove Items and Positions

Expenditure Budget


Complete List of
Proposed Changes for the 2012-13 Budget
to close the gap

Total: $5,272,400

Alternative Ways of Operating:  $3,610,300

This includes:

1.  Modify Pre-K program offerings to reduce impact on
     General Fund       Savings:  $575,300

2.  Implement new extended day schedule
     Savings:  $1,200,000

3.  Combine Regular and Turnaround High School Principal
     position   Savings:  $130,000

4.  Review of bus runs with new starting and dismissal times
     Savings:  $200,000

5.  Middle School Reorganization
     Savings:  $1,300,000

6.  Schenectady and RPI students to write a lottery program
     Savings:  $5,000 

7.  Return selected students from out-of-district placements
     Savings:  $200,000 

Review Multi-Year Plans:  $  636,000

 1.  Adjust Restricted Reserve Accounts
     Savings in revenues 

2.  Restructure Debt Service Plan
     Impact on 12-13 budget:  $500,000 

3.  Renegotiate Leases on 3 Facilities
     Savings:  $136,000 

At the April 4 meeting, Yagielski proposed that the following positions and items be removed from the budget in order to close the remaining gap of $1,026,100 

Positions and items to be Removed from the Budget: 

1.  Health Insurance – Initiate Buy-Out Option
               Savings:  $278,000 

2.  Reduce BOCES Communications Support
               Savings:  $     20,000 

3.  Replace retiring principal with a coordinator
               Savings:  $150,000 

4.  Reduce work year for selected employees by 5 days
                Savings:  $120,000 

5.  Eliminate 7.1 positions
                 Savings:  $458,100 

1.0 - Chief Technology Officer

2.0 - Magnet School Resource Teachers

1.0 - Pre-First Teacher

  .5 - Secretary

  .6 - Nurse (St. John's)

1.0 - Utility Worker (Attrition)

1.0 - Cleaner (Attrition)

“Clearly this budget reflects considerable change for students, families and staff,” said Yagielski.  He pointed out however, that the budget preserves the full range of instructional programs and services.  "These are so critical to the success of our students," said Yagielski.  The proposed budget also reduces overall costs to match available resources, including the Property Tax Levy Limit.

Upcoming Schedule

May 2
Public Hearing on the 2012-13 Budget 

May 15
Community vote on the 2012-13 Budget
School Board Election



Proposed Budget

NYS Required Documents

Budget Newsletter [pdf]

Glossary of Terms

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